Determining Productivity

Consider productivity to be defined as an amount of goods and services produced by a worker in a given amount of time. Recent government economic statistics report that productivity continues to grow. Is your productivity at work is higher than it used to be?

Do more people in your company use more technology & automated equipment than they did 5 years ago? Most people produce more goods and services than they did 5 years ago.

In your work, what part of your final product is produced through the use of automated equipment including computers and computerized machinery? Is it approximately: Less than 1/4, Between 1/4-1/2, Over 3/4?

If you did not have automated equipment, would you be able to do your current job?

If you did not have automated equipment, how long would it take to produce the same amount of goods and services as you produce today? Longer or about the same or in less time?

If you did not have automated equipment, could you produce same quality goods and services?

In actuality, is it your hard work and knowledge, or your automated equipment, that makes your productivity so high today?

Do you worry about losing your job in an economic downturn? Would you say yes, often, sometimes, rarely.

In an economic downturn, do you think that fewer workers could operate more automated equipment and thus produce the same amount of goods and services?

In your work, what factors are the most important determinants of the price your company can charge for the goods you produce? Please consider all that apply: 1.) Customer demand, 2.) Competitor’s prices, 3.) Cost of labor, 4.)  Surplus product, 5.) Quality of goods, 6.) Accounting standards, 7.) Costs of production, 8.) Products produced by your competitor, 9.) Employee benefit costs, 10.) Quality of sales & service, 11.) Manufacturing efficiency, 12.) Costs of raw materials. Yes, all of these factors combine in various proportions.

If you were top management or the owner of a business during the next economic downturn, what would you do? 1.) Lay off people, 2.) Acquire more automated equipment, 3.) Both A & B.

If you were to honestly, accurately, privately, and anonymously measure in terms of salary what you are worth to your employer, would it be:  1.) More than you are paid, 2.) About what you are paid, 3.) Less than you are paid?

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